Nonzero radial solutions for a class of elliptic systems with nonlocal BCs on annular domains

  • Gennaro InfanteEmail author
  • Paolamaria Pietramala


We provide new results on the existence, non-existence, localization and multiplicity of nontrivial solutions for systems of Hammerstein integral equations. Some of the criteria involve a comparison with the spectral radii of some associated linear operators. We apply our results to prove the existence of multiple nonzero radial solutions for some systems of elliptic boundary value problems subject to nonlocal boundary conditions. Our approach is topological and relies on the classical fixed point index. We present an example to illustrate our theory.


Elliptic system Annular domain Radial solution Multiplicity Non-existence Spectral radius Cone Nontrivial solution Nonlocal boundary conditions Fixed point index 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 45G15 secondary 34B10 35B07 35J57 47H30 


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