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Skew representations of twisted Yangians

  • A. I. MolevEmail author
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Analogs of the classical Sylvester theorem have been known for matrices with entries in noncommutative algebras including the quantized algebra of functions on GL N and the Yangian for $$ \mathfrak{g}\mathfrak{l}_{{N}} $$ . We prove a version of this theorem for the twisted Yangians $$ {\text{Y(}}\mathfrak{g}_{N} {\text{)}} $$associated with the orthogonal and symplectic Lie algebras $$ \mathfrak{g}_{N} = \mathfrak{o}_{N} {\text{ or }}\mathfrak{s}\mathfrak{p}_{N} $$. This gives rise to representations of the twisted Yangian $$ {\text{Y}}{\left( {\mathfrak{g}_{{N - M}} } \right)} $$ on the space of homomorphisms $$ {\text{Hom}}_{{\mathfrak{g}_{M} }} {\left( {W,V} \right)} $$, where W and V are finite-dimensional irreducible modules over $$ \mathfrak{g}_{{M}} {\text{ and }}\mathfrak{g}_{{N}} $$, respectively. In the symplectic case these representations turn out to be irreducible and we identify them by calculating the corresponding Drinfeld polynomials.We also apply the quantum Sylvester theorem to realize the twisted Yangian as a projective limit of certain centralizers in universal enveloping algebras.

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Primary 81R10 


Twisted Yangian centralizer Drinfeld polynomial 


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