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, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp 847–870 | Cite as

Limiting Distributions for the Number of Inversions in Labelled Tree Families

  • Alois PanholzerEmail author
  • Georg Seitz


We consider the so-called simple families of labelled trees, which contain, e.g., ordered, unordered, binary, and cyclic labelled trees as special instances, and study the global and local behaviour of the number of inversions. In particular, we obtain limiting distribution results for the total number of inversions as well as the number of inversions induced by the node labelled j in a random tree of size n.

Mathematics Subject Classification

05C05 60F05 05A16 


inversions simply generated trees limiting distributions 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institut für Diskrete Mathematik und GeometrieTechnische Universität WienWienAustria

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