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A Letter Concerning Leonetti’s Paper ‘Continuous Projections Onto Ideal Convergent Sequences’

  • Tomasz KaniaEmail author


Leonetti proved that whenever \({\mathcal {I}}\) is an ideal on \({\mathbb {N}}\) such that there exists an uncountable family of sets that are not in \({\mathcal {I}}\) with the property that the intersection of any two distinct members of that family is in \({\mathcal {I}}\), then the space \(c_{0,{\mathcal {I}}}\) of sequences in \(\ell _\infty \) that converge to 0 along \({\mathcal {I}}\) is not complemented. We provide a shorter proof of a more general fact that the quotient space \(\ell _\infty / c_{0,{\mathcal {I}}}\) does not even embed into \(\ell _\infty \).


Convergence along an ideal complemented subspace Phillips–Sobczyk theorem Grothendieck space 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 46B20 46B26 Secondary 40A35 



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  1. 1.Institute of MathematicsCzech Academy of SciencesPrague 1Czech Republic

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