Seismic Information at the Spanish Geophysical Data National Archive. Example: the Earthquake of February 28, 1969

  • Marina López Muga
  • Irene Benayas
  • Jose Manuel TordesillasEmail author


The Spanish Geophysical Data National Archive (Toledo Geophysical Observatory) is a centre created by Instituto Geográfico Nacional to collect all the geophysical documentation produced in all of the observatories IGN has had in operation throughout its history. All this information is transferred to the Geophysical Data National Archive where it is reviewed, classified and catalogued in a database, to be eventually filed in the records repository of the Archive, with the appropriate conditions for their future preservation. Its contents are digitized as backup and to meet the data requests received in this Archive. For the study of earthquakes throughout the twentieth century, this Archive has a large volume of information. The documents most consulted by researchers are the seismic records from the IGN Geophysical Observatories, but also the Archive houses an important collection of complementary information.


Seismology historical seismic data seismic archive 



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  • Marina López Muga
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  • Irene Benayas
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  • Jose Manuel Tordesillas
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  1. 1.Archivo Nacional de Datos Geofísicos, Instituto Geográfico Nacional, Observatorio Geofísico de ToledoToledoSpain

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