Pure and Applied Geophysics

, Volume 170, Issue 11, pp 1899–1911

Magnetotelluric Response Function Estimation Based on Hilbert–Huang Transform



Magnetotelluric (MT) data series are non-stationary random signals that do not meet the basic requirements of conventional methods based on the Fourier transform. To minimize the estimation bias errors brought about by the non-stationary characteristics of MT data, a new method, based on the Hilbert–Huang transform (HHT), is proposed for the first time for estimating the MT response functions from a time series of electromagnetic field variations. With the HHT method, the amplitude of data series are expressed as a function of frequency and time and then response functions are estimated statistically from the time–frequency spectrum. Mathematical model and calculation processes are introduced and some simulated data are analyzed to verify the correctness of the method. Finally, the measured MT data is facilitated by applying the HHT to assess the ability of HHT method to quantify meaningful geologic information.


Magnetotelluric data Hilbert–Huang transform marginal spectrum response function estimation 

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  1. 1.Department of Physics and ElectronicsHunan University of Arts and ScienceChangdeChina

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