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Super-KMS Functionals for Graded-Local Conformal Nets

  • Robin HillierEmail author


Motivated by a few preceding papers and a question of R. Longo, we introduce super-KMS functionals for graded translation-covariant nets over \({\mathbb{R}}\) with superderivations, roughly speaking as a certain supersymmetric modification of classical KMS states on translation-covariant nets over \({\mathbb{R}}\), fundamental objects in chiral algebraic quantum field theory. Although we are able to make a few statements concerning their general structure, most properties will be studied in the setting of specific graded-local (super-) conformal models. In particular, we provide a constructive existence and partial uniqueness proof of super-KMS functionals for the supersymmetric free field, for certain subnets, and for the super-Virasoro net with central charge \({c\ge 3/2}\). Moreover, as a separate result, we classify bounded super-KMS functionals for graded-local conformal nets over S 1 with respect to rotations.


Irreducible Representation Canonical Commutation Relation Cyclic Cocycles Irreducible General Representation Conformal Subnet 
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