Integral Equations and Operator Theory

, Volume 72, Issue 3, pp 403–418 | Cite as

The Taylor–Browder Spectrum on Prime C*-Algebras

  • Derek Kitson


We provide a formula for the Taylor–Browder spectrum of a pair (L a , R b ) of left and right multiplication operators acting on a prime C*-algebra with non-zero socle. We also compute ascent and descent for multiplication operators on a prime ring, characterise Browder elements in a prime C*-algebra and discuss upper semicontinuity for the Browder spectrum.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

Primary 47A13 Secondary 47B48 46L05 47A55 18G35 


Browder spectrum Taylor spectrum Browder elements multiplication operators ascent and descent prime C*-algebra 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of MathematicsTrinity CollegeDublin 2Ireland

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