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, Volume 56, Issue 1–2, pp 133–142 | Cite as

A structural view of microtubule dynamics

  • E. Nogales


The essential microtubule property of dynamic instability is based on the binding, hydrolysis and exchange of GTP in each tubulin dimer. The recent high-resolution structures of tubulin and the microtubule have given us the first view at atomic level of properties such as nucleotide exchangeability, the linkage between polymerization and nucleotide hydrolysis, and the origin of microtubule destabilization, as well as the mode of action of antimitotic agents such as taxol.

Key Words. Tubulin; microtubule; dynamic instability; nucleotide; structure; electron crystallography. 


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  • E. Nogales
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley and Life Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, LSA 455, Berkeley (California 94720-3200, USA), Fax +1 510 643 6791, e-mail: enogales@lbl.govUS

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