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Membrane traffic in the secretory pathway

Myosins in the secretory pathway: tethers or transporters?
  • S. Loubéry
  • E. CoudrierEmail author
Multi-author Review


It is generally thought that microtubule-associated motors insure long-range movements of the secretory vesicles from the center of the cell to its periphery, while myosins insure short-range movements at the cell periphery. However, several of the myosins that have been reported during the last decade to be involved in the exocytic pathway are not processive, meaning that they do not have the ability to move cargos along actin polymers. We will review here the possible mechanisms by which these myosins could contribute to the traffic of secretory proteins from the Golgi complex to the plasma membrane. (Part of a Multi-author Review)


Actin myosin exocytosis exocyst SNARE microtubule 


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