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Multiple roles of the DSCR1 (Adapt78 or RCAN1) gene and its protein product Calcipressin 1 (or RCAN1) in disease



The DSCR1 (Adapt78) gene1 is transiently induced by stresses to temporarily protect cells against further potentially lethal challenges. However, chronic expression of the DSCR1 (Adapt78) gene has now been implicated in several pathological conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome and cardiac hypertrophy. Calcipressin 1 has been shown to function through direct binding and inhibition of the serine threonine protein phosphatase Calcineurin. Pharmacological inhibition of calcineurin, by the immunosuppressive drugs cyclosporin A and FK506, affects a wide variety of diseases. It is, therefore, likely that this endogenous calcineurin inhibitor, calcipressin 1, may also play a role in a variety of human diseases.

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Down syndrome Alzheimer’s disease cardiac hypertrophy calcineurin calcipressin 1 MCIP1 DSCR1 Adapt78 RCAN1 


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