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Where, when and how much: regulation of myelin proteolipid protein gene expression



The myelin proteolipid protein (PLP) gene (Plp) encodes the most abundant protein found in myelin from the central nervous system (CNS). Expression of the gene is regulated in a spatiotemporal manner with maximal levels of expression occurring in oligodendrocytes during the active myelination period of CNS development, although other cell types in the CNS as well as in the periphery can express the gene to a much lower degree. In oligodendrocytes, Plp gene expression is tightly regulated. Underexpression or overexpression of the gene has been shown to have adverse effects in humans and other vertebrates. In light of this strict control, this review provides an overview of the current knowledge of Plp gene regulation.

Myelin proteolipid protein gene gene expression spatiotemporal regulation 


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