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Multiple Scattering: Leslie Foldy’s Winding Road Through Physics

Leslie Foldy’s diminutive stature and modest demeanor gave little clue to the powerful intellect responsible for several significant advances in theoretical physics.Two were particularly important. His 1945 theory of the multiple scattering of waves laid out the fundamentals that most modern theories have followed (and sometimes rediscovered), while his work with Siegfried Wouthuysen on the nonrelativistic limit of the Dirac equation opened the way to a wealth of valuable insights. In this article we recall some of the milestones along Foldy’s path through a life in physics.


Leslie L. Foldy Robert S. Shankland Gregory Breit Léon Brillouin Edward Gerjuoy J. Robert Oppenheimer Lyman Spitzer, Jr. Henry Primakoff David Bohm Siegfried Wouthuysen Cécile Morette Case Western Reserve University University of Wisconsin Columbia University Underwater Sound Laboratory Institute for Advanced Study University of California at Berkeley University of Rochester University of Michigan antisubmarine warfare coherent potential approximation Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation Dirac equation multiple scattering nuclear physics particle physics 


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