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A Conversation with William A. Fowler – Part II

  • John Greenberg
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Physicist William A.Fowler initiated an experimental program in nuclear astrophysics after World War II. He recalls here the Steady State versus Big Bang controversy and his celebrated collaboration with Fred Hoyle and Geoffrey and Margaret Burbidge on nucleosynthesis in stars. He also comments on the shift away from nuclear physics in universities to large accelerators and national laboratories.

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Hans A. Bethe Gregory Breit Geoffrey Burbidge Margaret Burbidge Alastair G.W. Cameron Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar William A. Fowler George Gamow Jesse Greenstein Raymond G. Herb Fred Hoyle Charles C. Lauritsen Ernest O. Lawrence J. Robert Oppenheimer Edwin E. Salpeter Hans E. Suess Merle A. Tuve Harold C. Urey Caltech National Science Foundation cosmology element abundances nucleosynthesis resonance phenomena 


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