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A Conversation with William A. Fowler – Part I

  • John Greenberg
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Nobel laureate William A. Fowler recalls his early education in physics; his part in the history of nuclear physics at the California Institute of Technology in the 1930s; parallel efforts elsewhere, particularly at Berkeley and the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism in Washington,D.C.; his contacts with J. Robert Oppenheimer; and his work with Charles C. Lauritsen and Tommy Lauritsen before and after World War II.

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Niels Bohr H. Richard Crane Enrico Fermi William A. Fowler Raymond G. Herb Charles C. Lauritsen Ernest O. Lawrence Robert A. Millikan J. Robert Oppenheimer Richard C. Tolman Merle A. Tuve Hideki Yukawa Fritz Zwicky nuclear forces nuclear physics 


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