Linkage of symbol p-algebras of degree 3

  • Adam ChapmanEmail author


Given a field F of characteristic 3 and division symbol p-algebras \([\alpha ,\beta )_{3,F}\) and \([\alpha ,\gamma )_{3,F}\) of degree 3 over F, we prove that if \(\alpha {{\text {dlog}}}(\beta )\wedge {{\text {dlog}}}(\gamma )\) is trivial in the Kato–Milne cohomology group \(H_3^3(F)\), then the algebras share a common splitting field which is an inseparable degree 3 extension of either F or a quadratic extension of F. In the special case of quadratically closed fields, if \(\alpha {{\text {dlog}}}(\beta )\wedge {{\text {dlog}}}(\gamma )=0\), then they share an inseparable degree 3 extension of F.


Kato–Milne cohomology Fields of positive characteristic Central simple algebras Division algebras Symbol algebras p-algebras Linkage 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 16K20 Secondary 11E04 11E81 19D45 



The author thanks the anonymous referee for the careful reading of the submitted manuscript and the useful comments.


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