On a generalisation of the Skitovich–Darmois theorem for several linear forms on Abelian groups

  • Gennadiy FeldmanEmail author


A.M. Kagan introduced a class of distributions \(\mathcal {D}_{m, k}\) in \(\mathbb {R}^m\) and proved that if the joint distribution of m linear forms of n independent random variables belongs to the class \(\mathcal {D}_{m, m-1}\), then the random variables are Gaussian. A.M. Kagan’s theorem implies, in particular, the well-known Skitovich–Darmois theorem, where the Gaussian distribution on the real line is characterized by independence of two linear forms of n independent random variables. In the note we describe a wide class of locally compact Abelian groups where A.M. Kagan’s theorem is valid.


Locally compact Abelian group Gaussian distribution Linear forms 

Mathematics Subject Classification

43A25 43A35 60B15 62E10 



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