Positive Solutions for a Class of Fractional Boundary Value Problem with q-Derivatives

  • Furi GuoEmail author
  • Shugui Kang


This work is concerned with the existence and uniqueness of positive solutions to a nonlinear boundary value problem with fractional q-derivative:
$$\begin{aligned}&D_q^\alpha u(t)+f(t,u(t),u(t))+g(t,u(t))=0, \quad 0<t<1 ,\\&u(0)=0 ,\quad u(1)=\beta u(\eta ), \end{aligned}$$
where \(D_q^\alpha \) is the fractional q-derivative of Riemann–Liouville type, \(0<q<1\)\(1<\alpha \le 2\)\(0<\eta <1,\)  \(0<\beta \eta ^{\alpha -1}<1.\) By virtue of fixed-point theorems for mixed monotone operator, some existence and uniqueness results of positive solutions are obtained. An example to illustrate our results is given.


Positive solution mixed monotone operator fractional q-difference equation boundary value problem 

Mathematics Subject Classification

34B18 33D05 39A13 



This work is supported by the National Nature Science Foundation under Grant (11271235).


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  1. 1.School of Mathematics and Computer ScienceShanxi Datong UniversityDatongPeople’s Republic of China

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