A Note on Sandwich Control Systems with Impulse Time Windows

  • Xingkai HuEmail author
  • Linru Nie


In this note, a sufficient condition for the stability of sandwich control systems with impulse time windows is derived. The proposed result is simpler than ones shown by Feng et al. (Int J Mach Learn Cybern 8:2009–2015, 2017). An example based on Chua’s circuit is provided to confirm the effectiveness of the theoretical result.


Sandwich control systems impulse time windows asymptotic stability 

Mathematics Subject Classification

37N35 49N25 



The authors wish to express their heartfelt thanks to the referees for their detailed and helpful suggestions for revising the manuscript. This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11661047, 11801240).


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  2. 2.Faculty of ScienceKunming University of Science and TechnologyKunmingPeople’s Republic of China

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