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The Geometry of Wright

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Mark and Linda Keane describe a seminar that seeks to answer these questions with evidence of a renaissance of work in the twenty-first century that emanates or owes allegiance to mathematical explorations configured in Wright’s body of work. This seminar, The Geometry of Wright, offers students in the state of Wisconsin the opportunity to learn about Wright’s life, those who influenced him, and those whom he influenced. The combination of history, theory, mathematics, and design activities in this seminar offer students an opportunity to become aware of Wright’s use of geometry, understand its roots and precedents, and apply them to a project of their own. This whole language approach to learning embeds appreciation of mathematical principles and encourages students to apply geometric relationships in their own search for proportion and form.

From the very beginning my T-square and triangle were an easy media of expression for my geometrical sense of things.

Frank Lloyd Wright [1946: 95]

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