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Geometric Methods of the 1500s for Laying Out the Ionic Volute

  • Denise Andrey
  • Mirko Galli
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Volutes, a distinguishing feature of the Ionic order, are the double curls in the form of spirals on either side of the Ionic capital. In the Renaissance, the Ionic volute was the object of study for architects who were concerned with the development of the new theories of architectural forms. In addition to studies of its proportions, research focused on the search for a sure and elegant method for laying out the volute. The point of departure for the elaborate theories were the ruins of buildings from the classical era and the treatise by Vitruvius. Authors Denise Andrey and Mirko Galli compare and contrast three methods by Sebastiano Serlio, Giuseppe Salviati and by Philandrier for laying out the Ionic volute.

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  1. 1.Accademia di ArchitetturaMendrisioSwitzerland
  2. 2.ViganelloSwitzerland

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