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The Fractal Nature of the Architectural Orders

  • Daniele Capo
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Daniele Capo tests certain concepts that are proper to fractal geometry with regards to architectural elements. The purpose is not to show that the architectural orders are true fractal objects, but rather that how fractal “instruments” can be used to approach certain objects and what kinds of information can be gleaned by such an approach. Understanding the orders, which for centuries have provided the basis for Western architecture, in light of the analysis presented above, allows us to observe, through the analysis of numerical data, how small elements are inserted in a continuous and coherent whole. If we interpret this structure fractally we do not distinguish between the essential and the inessential; everything is essential and so creates in this way a greater (fractal) coherence. It could be said, in this light, that the general form is not what counts the most, but rather, what is really important is the way in which parts hold together.


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