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, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 64–98

Speculations on the Origins of Linear Perspective

Including analyses of Masaccio’s Trinity and Piero’s Flagellation
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Richard Talbot demonstrates an approach and method for constructing perspectival space that may account for many of the distinguishing spatial and compositional features of key Renaissance paintings. The aim of the paper is also to show that this approach would not necessarily require, as a prerequisite, any understanding of the geometric basis and definitions of linear perspective as established by Alberti. The author discusses paintings in which the spatial/geometric structure has often defied conventional reconstruction when the strict logic of linear perspective is applied.


Richard Talbot origin of linear perspective Piero della Francesca Flagellation of Christ Flagellazione di Cristo pavement patterns perspective construction Renaissance art Paolo Uccelli Hunt in the Forest Masaccio Trinity Trinità Brunelleschi 

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