Robust estimation of between and within laboratory standard deviation with measurement results below the detection limit

  • Steffen UhligEmail author
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In method validation studies, the question arises how to deal with <LOD results in order to ensure reliable precision estimates. It is proposed to elaborate strategies for dealing with <LOD results on the basis of the Q/Hampel method, a particularly robust statistical method. Two different strategies are presented and assessed: censoring <LOD results and setting them equal to LOD/2. The two strategies are then examined in the light of the reliability of the precision estimates obtained on the basis of a comprehensive simulation study. The first method exhibits better precision, while the second method displays better trueness. However, the two methods are only satisfactory as long as the percentage of <LOD results is less than 25 %. For higher percentages of <LOD results, more sophisticated methods should be applied.


LOD <LOD results Method validation Censoring Robust statistical methods Q method Q/Hampel Reproducibility Repeatability 


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