Review of Economic Design

, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 85–98 | Cite as

Uniform allocation and reallocation revisited

  • Bettina Klaus
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Thomson (1995a) proved that the uniform allocation rule is the only allocation rule for allocation economies with single-peaked preferences that satisfies Pareto efficiency, no-envy,one-sided population-monotonicity, and replication-invariance on a restricted domain of single-peaked preferences. We prove that this result also holds on the unrestricted domain of single-peaked preferences.

Next, replacing one-sided population-monotonicity by one-sided replacement-domination yields another characterization of the uniform allocation rule, Thomson (1997a). We show how this result can be extended to the more general framework of reallocation economies with individual endowments and single-peaked preferences.

Following Thomson (1995b) we present allocation and reallocation economies in a unified framework of open economies.

JEL classification: D63, D71 
Key words: Fair allocation and reallocation, open economies, single-peaked preferences, population-monotonicity, replacement-domination 


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