Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 214, Issue 1, pp 137–189 | Cite as

Scalar Curvature Deformation and a Gluing Construction for the Einstein Constraint Equations

  • Justin Corvino


On a compact manifold, the scalar curvature map at generic metrics is a local surjection [F-M]. We show that this result may be localized to compact subdomains in an arbitrary Riemannian manifold. The method is extended to establish the existence of asymptotically flat, scalar-flat metrics on ℝ n (n≥ 3) which are spherically symmetric, hence Schwarzschild, at infinity, i.e. outside a compact set. Such metrics provide Cauchy data for the Einstein vacuum equations which evolve into nontrivial vacuum spacetimes which are identically Schwarzschild near spatial infinity.


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  • Justin Corvino
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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-2125, USA.¶E-mail: corvino@math.stanford.eduUS

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