Petites oscillations d'un liquide, dans un container de révolution avec fond élastique, en l'absence de pesanteur

  • A. Munnier


In this paper, the author studies the problem of the small oscillations of an inviscid liquid in an rigid container of revolution, the bottom of which is an elastic membrane or a plate, under zero gravity, a problem in which the surface tension determines the character of motion. Using the variational formulation of the problem, he gives sufficient conditions of stability of the equilibrum position of the system and proves the existence of the eigenfrequencies of its motion.

Key words. Hydroelasticity, small oscillations, capillarity, zero gravity, eigenvalue problem. 


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  • A. Munnier
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Mécanique théorique, Faculté des sciences et Techniques, 25030 Besançon cédex, France, Fax: 0381 666526France

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