Initial-boundary value problems for nonlinear systems of conservation laws

  • D. Amadori


The system of conservation laws ¶¶u t +[f(u)] x = 0 (1)¶ is considered on a domain \(\{(t,x);\ t\ge 0,\ x> \Psi(t)\}\), for a continuous map \(\Psi:[0,\infty)\rightarrow {\bfR}\), subject to the initial condition ¶¶\( u(0,x)=\bar u(x),\quad x> \Psi(0)\). (2) ¶¶ We prove two global existence theorems for (1) - (2) for two distinct types of boundary conditions, with data of small total variation.


Boundary Condition Total Variation Nonlinear System Distinct Type Global Existence 
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