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The uniqueness of hypergravity

  • Rakibur RahmanEmail author
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We show that consistent interactions of a spin-2 and a higher-spin Majorana fermion gauge fields in 30 fiat space lead uniquely to Aragone-Deser hypergravity or its generalization. Our analysis employs the ERST-cohomological techniques, and works in the metric-like formulation under the assumptions of locality, parity and Poincaré invariance. Local hypersymmetry shows up as the unique consistent deformation of the gauge transformations. An extension of the theory with fermion flavors does not change these features, while a cosmological deformation becomes obstructed unless we allow for some new degrees of freedom and/or non-locality.


Field Theories in Lower Dimensions Gauge Symmetry Higher Spin Gravity Higher Spin Symmetry 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of DhakaDhakaBangladesh
  2. 2.Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik ( Albert-Einstein-Institut)Potsdam-CalmGermany

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