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Kinematic space for conical defects

  • Jesse C. Cresswell
  • Amanda W. Peet
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


Kinematic space can be used as an intermediate step in the AdS/CFT dictionary and lends itself naturally to the description of diffeomorphism invariant quantities. From the bulk it has been defined as the space of boundary anchored geodesics, and from the boundary as the space of pairs of CFT points. When the bulk is not globally AdS3 the appearance of non-minimal geodesics leads to ambiguities in these definitions. In this work conical defect spacetimes are considered as an example where non-minimal geodesics are common. From the bulk it is found that the conical defect kinematic space can be obtained from the AdS3 kinematic space by the same quotient under which one obtains the defect from AdS3. The resulting kinematic space is one of many equivalent fundamental regions. From the boundary the conical defect kinematic space can be determined by breaking up OPE blocks into contributions from individual bulk geodesics. A duality is established between partial OPE blocks and bulk fields integrated over individual geodesics, minimal or non-minimal.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Gauge-gravity correspondence Conformal Field Theory 


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