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Scale factor duality for conformal cyclic cosmologies

  • U. Camara da SilvaEmail author
  • A. L. Alves Lima
  • G. M. Sotkov
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


The scale factor duality is a symmetry of dilaton gravity which is known to lead to pre-big-bang cosmologies. A conformal time version of the scale factor duality (SFD) was recently implemented as a UV/IR symmetry between decelerated and accelerated phases of the post-big-bang evolution within Einstein gravity coupled to a scalar field. The problem investigated in the present paper concerns the employment of the conformal time SFD methods to the construction of pre-big-bang and cyclic extensions of these models. We demonstrate that each big-bang model gives rise to two qualitatively different pre-big-bang evolutions: a contraction/expansion SFD model and Penrose’s Conformal Cyclic Cosmology (CCC). A few examples of SFD symmetric cyclic universes involving certain gauged Kähler sigma models minimally coupled to Einstein gravity are studied. We also describe the specific SFD features of the thermodynamics and the conditions for validity of the generalized second law in the case of Gauss-Bonnet (GB) extension of these selected CCC models.


Cosmology of Theories beyond the SM Space-Time Symmetries Classical Theories of Gravity 


Open Access

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  • U. Camara da Silva
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    Email author
  • A. L. Alves Lima
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  • G. M. Sotkov
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  1. 1.Departamento de Física — CCEUniversidade Federal de Espirito SantoVitoriaBrazil

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