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Auxiliary gauge mediation: a new route to mini-split supersymmetry



The discovery of a standard-model-like Higgs at 126 GeV and the absence of squark signals thus far at the LHC both point towards a mini-split spectrum for supersymmetry. Within standard paradigms, it is non-trivial to realize a mini-split spectrum with heavier sfermions but lighter gauginos while simultaneously generating Higgs sector soft terms of the correct magnitude, suggesting the need for new models of supersymmetry breaking and mediation. In this paper, we present a new approach to mini-split model building based on gauge mediation by “auxiliary groups”, which are the anomaly-free continuous symmetries of the standard model in the limit of vanishing Yukawa couplings. In addition to the well-known flavor SU(3)F and baryon-minus-lepton U(1)B−L groups, we find that an additional U(1)H acting on the Higgs doublets alone can be used to generate Higgs soft masses and B-terms necessary for a complete model of mini-split. Auxiliary gauge mediation is a special case of Higgsed gauge mediation, and we review the resulting two-loop scalar soft terms as well as three-loop gaugino masses. Along the way, we present a complete two-loop calculation of A-terms and B-terms in gauge mediation, which — contrary to a common misconception — includes a non-zero contribution at the messenger threshold which can be sizable in models with light gauginos. We present several phenomenologically acceptable mini-split spectra arising from auxiliary gauge mediation and highlight a complete minimal model which realizes the required spectrum and Higgs sector soft terms with a single U(1)X auxiliary gauge symmetry. We discuss possible experimental consequences.


Supersymmetry Phenomenology 


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  • Jesse Thaler
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