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Searches for lepton flavour violation at a linear collider

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We investigate the prospects for detection of lepton flavour violation in spar-ticle production and decays at a Linear Collider (LC), in models guided by neutrino os-cillation data. We consider both slepton pair production and sleptons arising from the cascade decays of non-leptonic sparticles. We study the expected signals when lepton-flavour-violating (LFV) interactions are induced by renormalization effects in the Con-strained Minimal Supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (CMSSM), focusing on the subset of the supersymmetric parameter space that also leads to cosmologically interesting values of the relic neutralino LSP density. Emphasis is given to the comple-mentarity between the LC, which is sensitive to mixing in both the left and right slepton sectors, and the LHC, which is sensitive primarily to mixing in the right sector. We also emphasize the complementarity between searches for rare LFV processes at the LC and in low-energy experiments.


Supersymmetry Phenomenology 


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  3. 3.Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology Group, Department of PhysicsKing’s College LondonLondonUK
  4. 4.Department of Applied PhysicsUniversity of HuelvaHuelvaSpain
  5. 5.Department of PhysicsUniversity of PatrasPatrasGreece

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