Journal of High Energy Physics

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Chronology protection in stationary 3D spacetimes

  • Joris Raeymaekers


We study chronology protection in stationary, rotationally symmetric space-times in 2 + 1 dimensional gravity, focusing especially on the case of negative cosmological constant. We show that in such spacetimes closed timelike curves must either exist all the way to the boundary or, alternatively, the matter stress tensor must violate the null energy condition in the bulk. We also show that the matter in the closed timelike curve region gives a negative contribution to the conformal weight from the point of view of the dual conformal field theory. We illustrate these properties in a class of examples involving rotating dust in antide Sitter space, and comment on the use of the AdS/CFT correspondence to study chronology protection.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Classical Theories of Gravity 


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