Journal of High Energy Physics

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Holography of a composite inflaton

  • Nick Evans
  • James French
  • Keun-young KimEmail author


We study the time evolution of a brane construction that is holographically dual to a strongly coupled gauge theory that dynamically breaks a global symmetry through the generation of an effective composite Higgs vev. The D3/D7 system with a background magnetic field or non-trivial gauge coupling (dilaton) profile displays the symmetry breaking. We study motion of the D7 brane in the background of the D3 branes. For small field inflation in the field theory the effective Higgs vev rolls from zero to the true vacuum value. We study what phenomenological dilaton profile generates the slow rolling needed, hence learning how the strongly coupled gauge theory’s coupling must run. We note that evolution of our configuration in the holographic direction, representing the phyiscs of the strong interactions, can provide additional slowing of the roll time. Inflation seems to be favoured if the coupling changes by only a small amount or very gently. We speculate on how such a scenario could be realized away from N=4 gauge theory, for example, in a walking gauge theory.


Gauge-gravity correspondence AdS-CFT Correspondence 


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