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De Sitter cosmology on an expanding bubble

  • Souvik Banerjee
  • Ulf Danielsson
  • Giuseppe Dibitetto
  • Suvendu GiriEmail author
  • Marjorie Schillo
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


Constructing an explicit compactification yielding a metastable de Sitter (dS) vacuum in a UV consistent string theory is an incredibly difficult open problem. Motivated by this issue, as well as the conjecture that all non-supersymmetric AdS vacua must decay, we discuss the alternative possibility of realizing an effective four-dimensional dS cosmology on a codimension-one bubble wall separating two AdS5 vacua. The construction further elaborates on the scenario of arXiv:1807.01570, where the aforementioned cosmology arises due to a non-perturbative decay and is embedded in a five-dimensional bulk in a time­ dependent way. In this paper we discuss the relation between this scenario and the weak gravity conjecture and further develop the details of the four-dimensional cosmology. We provide a bulk interpretation for the dS temperature as the Unruh temperature experienced by an accelerated observer riding the bubble. A source of four-dimensional matter arises from a string cloud in the bulk, and we examine the consequences for the particle mass spectrum. Furthermore, we show how effective four-dimensional Einstein gravity on the bubble is obtained from the five-dimensional Gauss equation. We conclude by outlining some implications that this paradigm will have for holography, inflation, the standard model, and black holes.


Phenomenology of Large extra dimensions Strings and branes phenomenology 


Open Access

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