Towards the underlying gauge theory of the pure spinor superstring

  • Renann Lipinski JusinskasEmail author
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Previous attempts to determine the worldsheet origin of the pure spinor for­malism were not completely successful, but introduced important concepts that seem to be connected to its fundamental structure, e.g., emergent supersymmetry and the role of reparametrization symmetry. In this work, a new proposal towards the underlying gauge theory of the pure spinor superstring is presented, based on an extension of Berkovits’ twistor-like constraint. The gauge algebra is analyzed in detail and worldsheet reparametrization is shown to be a redundant symmetry. The master action is built with a careful account of the intrinsic gauge symmetries associated with the pure spinor constraint and a consistent gauge fixing is performed. After a field redefinition, spacetime supersymmetry emerges and the resulting action describes the pure spinor superstring.


Superstrings and Heterotic Strings ERST Quantization Topological Strings 


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