Two-parameter integrable deformations of the AdS3× S3× T4 superstring

  • Fiona K. SeiboldEmail author
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


For supercosets with isometry group of the form \( \hat{\mathrm{G}} \)×\( \hat{\mathrm{G}} \), the η-deformation can be generalised to a two-parameter integrable deformation with independent q-deformations of the two copies. We study its kappa-symmetry and write down a formula for the Ramond- Ramond fluxes. We then focus on \( \hat{\mathrm{G}} \) = PSU(1, 1|2) and construct two supergravity back- grounds for the two-parameter integrable deformation of the AdS3× S3× T4 superstring, as well as explore their limits. We also construct backgrounds that are solutions of the weaker generalised supergravity equations of motion and compare them to the literature.


Integrable Field Theories Sigma Models Superstrings and Heterotic Strings 


Open Access

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