The goldstone and goldstino of supersymmetric inflation

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We construct the minimal effective field theory (EFT) of supersymmetric inflation, whose field content is a real scalar, the goldstone for time-translation breaking, and a Weyl fermion, the goldstino for supersymmetry (SUSY) breaking. The inflating background can be viewed as a single SUSY-breaking sector, and the degrees of freedom can be efficiently parameterized using constrained superfields. Our EFT is comprised of a chiral superfield XNL containing the goldstino and satisfying XNL2 = 0, and a real superfield BNL containing both the goldstino and the goldstone, satisfying XNLBNL = BNL3 = 0. We match results from our EFT formalism to existing results for SUSY broken by a fluid background, showing that the goldstino propagates with subluminal velocities. The same effect can also be derived from the unitary gauge gravitino action after embedding our EFT in supergravity. If the gravitino mass is comparable to the Hubble scale during inflation, we identify a new parameter in the EFT related to a time-dependent phase of the gravitino mass parameter. We briefly comment on the leading contributions of goldstino loops to inflationary observables.


Supersymmetric Effective Theories Cosmology of Theories beyond the SM 


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