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, 2010:49

A geometric approach to CP violation: applications to the MCPMFV SUSY model

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We analyze the constraints imposed by experimental upper limits on electric dipole moments (EDMs) within the Maximally CP -and Minimally Flavour-Violating (MCPMFV) version of the MSSM. Since the MCPMFV scenario has 6 non-standard CP -violating phases, in addition to the CP -odd QCD vacuum phase θQCD, cancellations may occur among the CP -violating contributions to the three measured EDMs, those of 205Tl, the neutron and 199Hg, leaving open the possibility of relatively large values of the other CP -violating observables. We develop a novel geometric method that uses the small-phase approximation as a starting point, takes the existing EDM constraints into account, and enables us to find maximal values of other CP -violating observables, such as the EDMs of the Deuteron and muon, the CP -violating asymmetry in bsγ decay, and the B s mixing phase. We apply this geometric method to provide upper limits on these observables within specific benchmark supersymmetric scenarios, including extensions that allow for a non-zero θQCD.


Supersymmetry Phenomenology 


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