Journal of High Energy Physics

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Higher-derivative scalar-vector-tensor theories: black holes, Galileons, singularity cloaking and holography

  • C. Charmousis
  • B. GoutérauxEmail author
  • E. Kiritsis
Open Access


We consider a general Kaluza-Klein reduction of a truncated Lovelock theory. We find necessary geometric conditions for the reduction to be consistent. The resulting lower-dimensional theory is a higher derivative scalar-tensor theory, depends on a single real parameter and yields second-order field equations. Due to the presence of higher-derivative terms, the theory has multiple applications in modifications of Einstein gravity (Galileon/Horndesky theory) and holography (Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theories). We find and analyze charged black hole solutions with planar or curved horizons, both in the ‘Einstein’ and ‘Galileon’ frame, with or without cosmological constant. Naked singularities are dressed by a geometric event horizon originating from the higher-derivative terms. The near-horizon region of the near-extremal black hole is unaffected by the presence of the higher derivatives, whether scale invariant or hyperscaling violating. In the latter case, the area law for the entanglement entropy is violated logarithmically, as expected in the presence of a Fermi surface. For negative cosmological constant and planar horizons, thermodynamics and first-order hydrodynamics are derived: the shear viscosity to entropy density ratio does not depend on temperature, as expected from the higher-dimensional scale invariance.


Gauge-gravity correspondence AdS-CFT Correspondence Black Holes Holography and condensed matter physics (AdS/CMT) 


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