Unified formalism for 6D superamplitudes based on a symplectic Grassmannian

  • John H. Schwarz
  • Congkao WenEmail author
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Recently, twistor-like formulations of tree amplitudes involving n massless particles have been proposed for various 6D supersymmetric theories. The formulas are based on two different forms of the scattering equations: one based on rational maps and the other based on polarized scattering equations. We show that both formulations can be interpreted in terms of a symplectic (or complex Lagrangian) Grassmannian, \( \mathbbm{LG} \)(n, 2n), and that they correspond to different ways of fixing the GL(n, ℂ) symmetry of \( \mathbbm{LG} \)(n, 2n). This provides an understanding of the equivalence of these different-looking formulas, and it leads to new twistor-like formulas for 6D superamplitudes.


Field Theories in Higher Dimensions Scattering Amplitudes Supersymmetric Gauge Theory 


Open Access

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  2. 2.Centre for Research in String Theory, School of Physics and AstronomyQueen Mary University of LondonLondonUnited Kingdom

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