String theory on the Schrödinger pp-wave background

  • George Georgiou
  • Konstantinos Sfetsos
  • Dimitrios ZoakosEmail author
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We study string theory on the pp-wave geometry obtained by taking the Penrose limit around a certain null geodesic of the non-supersymmetric Schrödinger background. We solve for the spectrum of bosonic excitations and find compelling agreement with the dispersion relation of the giant magnons in the Schrödinger background obtained previously in [47]. Inspired by the pp-wave spectrum we conjecture an exact in the t’Hooft coupling dispersion relation for the magnons in the original Schrödinger background. We show that the pp-wave background admits exactly 16 Killing spinors. We use the explicit form of the latter in order to derive the supersymmetry algebra of the background which explicitly depends on the deformation parameter. Its bosonic subalgebra is of the Newton-Hooke type.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Integrable Field Theories Bosonic Strings SpaceTime Symmetries 


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