More analytic bootstrap: nonperturbative effects and fermions

  • Soner Albayrak
  • David MeltzerEmail author
  • David Poland
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We develop the analytic bootstrap in several directions. First, we discuss the appearance of nonperturbative effects in the Lorentzian inversion formula, which are exponentially suppressed at large spin but important at finite spin. We show that these effects are important for precision applications of the analytic bootstrap in the context of the 3d Ising and O(2) models. In the former they allow us to reproduce the spin-2 stress tensor with error at the 10−5 level while in the latter requiring that we reproduce the stress tensor allows us to predict the coupling to the leading charge-2 operator. We also extend perturbative calculations in the lightcone bootstrap to fermion 4-point functions in 3d, predicting the leading and subleading asymptotic behavior for the double-twist operators built out of two fermions.


Conformal and W Symmetry Conformal Field Theory Nonperturbative Effects 


Open Access

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