Thermodynamic instability of doubly spinning black objects

  • Dumitru AstefaneseiEmail author
  • Maria J. Rodriguez
  • Stefan Theisen


We investigate the thermodynamic stability of neutral black objects with (at least) two angular momenta. We use the quasilocal formalism to compute the grand canonical potential and show that the doubly spinning black ring is thermodynamically unstable. We consider the thermodynamic instabilities of ultra-spinning black objects and point out a subtle relation between the microcanonical and grand canonical ensembles. We also find the location of the black string/ membrane phases of doubly spinning black objects.


Black Holes Black Holes in String Theory 


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    Email author
  • Maria J. Rodriguez
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  • Stefan Theisen
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  1. 1.Max-Planck-Institut für GravitationsphysikAlbert-Einstein-InstitutGolmGermany

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