Refined swampland distance conjecture and exotic hybrid Calabi-Yaus

  • David ErkingerEmail author
  • Johanna Knapp
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We test the refined swampland distance conjecture in the Kähler moduli space of exotic one-parameter Calabi-Yaus. We focus on examples with pseudo-hybrid points. These points, whose properties are not well-understood, are at finite distance in the moduli space. We explicitly compute the lengths of geodesics from such points to the large volume regime and show that the refined swampland distance conjecture holds. To compute the metric we use the sphere partition function of the gauged linear sigma model. We discuss several examples in detail, including one example associated to a gauged linear sigma model with non-abelian gauge group.


Superstring Vacua Supersymmetric Gauge Theory Topological Strings 


Open Access

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