New Higgs production mechanism in composite Higgs models



Composite Higgs models are only now starting to be probed at the Large Hadron Collider by Higgs searches. We point out that new resonances, abundant in these models, can mediate new production mechanisms for the composite Higgs. The new channels involve the exchange of a massive color octet and single production of new fermion resonances with subsequent decays into the Higgs and a Standard Model quark. The sizable cross section and very distinctive kinematics allow for a very clean extraction of the signal over the background with high statistical significance. Heavy gluon masses up to 2.8 TeV can be probed with data collected during 2012 and up to 5 TeV after the energy upgrade to \( \sqrt {s} = {14} \) TeV.


Higgs Physics Technicolor and Composite Models 


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