New physics in multi-Higgs boson final states

  • Wolfgang Kilian
  • Sichun Sun
  • Qi-Shu Yan
  • Xiaoran Zhao
  • Zhijie Zhao
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We explore the potential for the discovery of the triple-Higgs signal in the Open image in new window decay channel at a 100 TeV hadron collider. We consider both the Standard Model and generic new-physics contributions, described by an effective Lagrangian that includes higher-dimensional operators. The selected subset of operators is motivated by composite-Higgs and Higgs-inflation models. In the Standard Model, we perform both a parton-level and a detector-level analysis. Although the parton-level results are encouraging, the detector-level results demonstrate that this mode is really challenging. However, sizable contributions from new effective operators can largely increase the cross section and/or modify the kinematics of the Higgs bosons in the final state. Taking into account the projected constraints from single and double Higgs-boson production, we propose benchmark points in the new physics models for the measurement of the triple-Higgs boson final state for future collider projects.


Beyond Standard Model Effective Field Theories Higgs Physics 


Open Access

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