Nonperturbative β function of eight-flavor SU(3) gauge theory

  • Anna Hasenfratz
  • David Schaich
  • Aarti Veernala
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We present a new lattice study of the discrete β function for SU(3) gauge theory with N f = 8 massless flavors of fermions in the fundamental representation. Using the gradient flow running coupling, and comparing two different nHYP-smeared staggered lattice actions, we calculate the 8-flavor step-scaling function at significantly stronger couplings than were previously accessible. Our continuum-extrapolated results for the discrete β function show no sign of an IR fixed point up to couplings of g 2 ≈ 14. At the same time, we find that the gradient flow coupling runs much more slowly than predicted by two-loop perturbation theory, reinforcing previous indications that the 8-flavor system possesses nontrivial strongly coupled IR dynamics with relevance to BSM phenomenology.


Lattice Gauge Field Theories Renormalization Group Technicolor and Composite Models 


Open Access

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  • Anna Hasenfratz
    • 1
  • David Schaich
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  • Aarti Veernala
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  2. 2.Department of PhysicsSyracuse UniversitySyracuseUSA

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