Simulating graviton production at hadron colliders

  • Priscila de AquinoEmail author
  • Kaoru Hagiwara
  • Qiang Li
  • Fabio Maltoni


Spin-2 particles and in particular gravitons are predicted in many new physics scenarios at the TeV scale. Depending on the details of models such new states might show up as a continuum, massless particles, or TeV scale resonances. Correspondingly, very different discovery signatures should be exploited, from the search of excesses in events with multi jets and large missing transverse energy, to resonances in weak boson or jet pair productions. We present a very general and flexible implementation in Mad-Graph/MadEvent of spin-2 particles interacting with the standard model particles via the energy momentum tensor, which encompasses all of the most popular TeV scale models featuring gravitons. By merging matrix elements with parton shower, we can generate inclusive samples of graviton + jets at the hadron colliders in several scenarios (ADD, zero-mass graviton and RS). We compare and validate our results against the corresponding next-to-leading order QCD calculations.


Jets Large Extra Dimensions Beyond Standard Model NLO Computations 


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  • Kaoru Hagiwara
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  • Qiang Li
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  • Fabio Maltoni
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  3. 3.KEK T heory Center and SokendaiTsukubaJapan
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